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Guest Testimonials

Please email us with your testimonial and we will gladly post it.  Here are some comments that our guests wrote after their stay in our Elua condo:

The condo was wonderful. I hope you found it in good order when you arrived. The flowers arrived on Friday, I did my best to keep them watered. We did have a wonderful stay, thank you for the use of your special home. - Kim

Just wanted to tell you what a nice time we had in Maui and in your condo. Your condo was very  comfortable and well appointed. We hope to stay there again in the wintertime to see the whales.
- Janet

My experience with Lynne was everything positive and more.  I did pay in full, 60 days in advance of  my trip, by way of a personal check. I was staying for a whole month in her Elua condo so it was chunk of change to pay up front.  I also paid a $300 security deposit, which she promptly returned to me within 2 weeks of my return home.  I loved the condo; it was so perfect for me and my family. Her prompt attention to my emails was comforting and I enjoyed my phone conversations with her. All in all, quite a delight.  I will be renting from her again, soon, I hope.
I hope you have a wonderful time.  If you go, be sure and dine at Sarrento’s on the Beach restaurant. Simply beautiful.  It is right on the beach, romantic, white linens, and excellent service.  I have made over 40 trips to Hawaii in the past 20 years and renting a condo is my favorite, especially in Wailea. 
My husband and I were married at The Grand Wailea Wedding Chapel 6 years ago.  Lots of good memories.  Have a fabulous trip! - Tamara

Not sure if you got my last email to thank you for the awesome time we had your Elua condo last month. Thanks so much it was beautiful! Just to let you know that we enjoyed your Elua condo soooo much!! The view, swimming pool and access to the beach were so amazing. Wailea is always such a wonderful place to go and we are ever so thankful for you opening your home to us what a beautiful place. I trust we left everything in order for you. Looking forward to our next trip... - Gail, this year.

We are back from Hawaii safe and sound, and enjoyed your condos very much. It was kind of a hassle to pack up and change condos, but it was good to see them both. They both have their own charm. The complex at the Elua's was beautiful and all of our friends congregated at the pavilion and we had a wonderful time. I love flowers, so I spent time just looking at all the beauty. I watered your mint just a little, I hope you don't mind. Your condo at the Ekolu was spacious and very nicely decorated. We were not there for long, but it had a nice homey feeling. I hope you found both places in order. In the Elua's we did not have any gas for the grill, but I called Linda and a gentleman showed up quite quickly to replace the tank. I told him about a missing light knob in the master bathroom, and he replaced that. The weather was lovely, especially compared to what our weather was like in Southern CA. when we left. We would recommend your places. - Gail, last year.

We had a great time while in Hawaii.  Your condo was great!!!!! - Bob

Many thanks for the use of your condo last week.  We had a wonderful time. The snorkeling was probably our highlight - we were in and out of the water almost everyday. - Andy

We're getting ready to check out of the condo. We really enjoyed our stay here. The grounds were special. The sunset views from the condo were great. Having breakfast on the lanai with all the chirping birds was special. - Steve

We had a wonderful vacation in Maui and thoroughly enjoyed your condo.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to rent it.  It was beautiful, clean, comfortable and the surrounding grounds were gorgeous. Again, many thanks. - Helen

WOW! Your condo was fantastic. I love the granite floors. I never would have thought of that. It is furnished beautifully and we had everything we needed... There are so many happy birds right off the lanai. AND the view from the lanai was a very pleasant surprise. Gorgeous! Last time we stayed at the Renaissance right down the street, which was nice, but having a condo is definitely the way to go. Everyone had a great time and the kids made some new friends and they’re all still texting and myspacing! I cannot think of one thing to add, delete or modify! Thanks!
PS. The book on Maui, Maui Revealed, was absolutely wonderful ... we referred to it constantly. - Liz


For Reservations: Please contact Lynne at (415) 937-1459 or at waileacondos@comcast.net




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